Large Beach Bag (limited edition)

Size 70cm by 60cm  (28 inches by 24 inches)


This one to of a kind  Large Beach Bag made with  recycled sailcloth with its original sail markings and numbers. Come with navy sailing rope handles and recycled spinnaker zip pocket.

Limited Edition Large Sailcloth Beach Bag (No 1)

  • This bag is a one off made from recycled sailcloth and displaying its original sail numbers / markings. We use sailing rope and has an inside spinnaker pocket for you valuables. 

    We incorporate the features and small blemishes within the recycled sailcloth, such as rivets or patterns, to create our unique designs and to reflect its nautical history.

    All sailcloth products are stitched by using the traditional sail maker zigzag stitch and using genuine sail maker thread.

    The dimensions are approximations. All our products are unique and handmade in Hampshire, Great Britain.


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