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The Boot Bag

Size: 32cm long and a diameter of 20cm  (13 inches by 8 inches )


Cylindrical Boot Bag made from waterproof sailing canvas with a useful Cotton webbing handle & rust proof sailing zip. 

To make your very own unique Oarsum bag or to make that special gift you are invited to personalize your bag by choosing

  • the colour of the the bag (4 colour options)


In addition you may personalise the two sides of the bag with 2 of the 3 choices below

-  the image of a boot in a colour of your choice


- a national flag (any country)


- up to 2 initials or numbers in a colour of your choice

All products are handmade in England. Please allow 10 days for delivery in the UK. International deliveries will take longer

Boot Bag

  • Made from water resistant sailing canvas, large sailing zips and cotton webbing. 

    All sailcloth products are stitched by using the traditional sail maker zigzag stitch and using genuine sail maker thread. All handles are made from high quality webbing to provide extra strength and support. The dimensions are approximations. All our products are unique and handmade in Hampshire, Great Britain.

    You have the opportunity to design and personalise your products with a selection of initials or national flags to give it its own individuality, along with its practical and durable qualities.

For more personalisation, please contact us below

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