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This unique and personalised deckchair can be the perfect gift or addition to your garden. Made with recycled sailcloth and with a choice of colours, flags or images you can add your own touch to this upcycled piece. 


To make your very own unique Oarsum Deckchair or to make that special gift you are invited to personalise your chair by choosing 

  • A National flag
  • and /or letters or numbers

       - 3 large letters or numbers down vertically


        - 5 smaller letters or numbers per horizontal line


  • Colour of those letters / numbers


For other suggestions please look on the "how to build a bag" page of the website or contact us to see if we can help


All products are handmade to order in England. Please allow 10 days for delivery in the Uk. Not available for international delivery 






  • Reclcyled sails used to personalise your very own deckchair. Very quick to dry after a short summer shower so perfect addition to your outdoor furniture. (But we would not advise to leave it out over the winter months)

For more personalisation, please contact us below

Thanks for submitting!

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