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Pencil Case

Size: 30cm length x 25cm height (12 inches x 10 inches)


Made from the material from the window of the sails. A practical yet unique clear case ideal for GCSE and A level exams, airport security or great make-up bags or charger leads.

Made with heavy duty sailing zip which is designed not to rustCan easily be given a new lease of life by rinsing out if riquired.



All products are handmade to order in England. Please allow 10 days for delivery in UK. International deliveries may take longer.

Pencil Case

  • Made from the windows of the sail and large sailing zips. We incorporate the features and small blemishes within the recycled sailcloth, such as rivets or patterns, to create our unique designs and to reflect its nautical history.


    All sailcloth products are stitched by using the traditional sail maker zigzag stitch and using genuine sail maker thread. The dimensions are approximations. All our products are unique and handmade in Hampshire, Great Britain.


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