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Sailcloth Toy Bucket

 Size: 45cm Height with a Diameter 40cm  (18 inches x 16 inches)


The Toy Bucket is made from recycled sailcloth, designed with a reinforced canvas bottom and cotton webbing handles. Idea for storing kids toys, all your pets paraphernalia or for your every day storage. This buckets can also double up as a laundry bin. 


To make your very own unique Oarsum bag or to make that special gift you are invited to personalize your bag by choosing the colour of the

  • the Cotton Webbing handles (8 colour options)

       - a national flag (any country, the RAF, Royal Navy or Pirate)


      - or an image 


For other suggestions please look on the "how to build a bag" page of the website or contact us to see if we can help.


All products are handmade to order in England. Please allow 10 days for delivery in the UK. International deliveries will take longer.



Toy Bucket

  • Made from recycled sailcloth, water resistant sailing canvas,  and cotton webbing. We incorporate the features and small blemishes within the recycled sailcloth, such as rivets or patterns, to create our unique designs and to reflect its nautical history.


    All sailcloth products are stitched by using the traditional sail maker zigzag stitch and using genuine sail maker thread. All handles are made from high quality webbing  to provide extra strength and support. The dimensions are approximations. All our products are unique and handmade in Hampshire, Great Britain.

    You have the opportunity to design and personalise your products with a selection of initials, images or national flags to give it its own individuality, along with its practical and durable qualities.

For more personalisation, please contact us below

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